Ferry ticket – one way

The Ferry is a slow boat from the government that not only carries people to Jepara but also cars, supplies animals, etc. The boat takes a minimum of four hours depending on the height of the waves and the wind. 

All Karimunjawa will arrange your boat ticket to Jepara from start to finish. This way you don’t have to worry about the often changing boat schedule, standing in line on time in the harbor, or being on time for the boat departure.

On the first level, there are three different passenger areas, two for the executive class and one for the VIP. The deck on the second level is an open sun deck where you can sit in the outdoors. VIP tickets can be ordered on request. Because there are only 30 tickets available per day, we cannot guarantee that we can obtain the tickets. The boat is suitable for 200 passengers and the chairs outside the VIP room are not assigned and people are therefore free to find a place themselves.

How does it work?

As soon as a new boat ticket request comes in, we check the availability of the boat on the desired dates. We will then send the guest confirmation of availability and a request for payment. The booking is not confirmed until you have paid. If you come to our office to book a ticket, we will directly check the availability so the booking can be confirmed right away.

After your payment has been received, you will receive a confirmation email. One of our representatives will meet you at the harbor and hand you your tickets. The tickets cannot be handed over earlier because they are only issued by the ticket office on the day of departure. After receiving the ticket you can easily hop on the Siginjai slow boat and finish your journey to Karimunjawa. The price of the slow boat ticket includes our service fee.

MEETING POINT Karimunjawa harbor – Waiting area
MEETING TIME Meeting at 06:15 AM for slow boat departure at 07:00 AM
Meeting at 12:15 PM for slow boat departure at 13:00 PM

The Boat schedule

We always advise you to check with our agency if there are any schedule changes before planning your trip based on the schedule below.

TO KARIMUNJAWA Monday – 07:00
Wednesday – 07:00
Saturday – 07:00
TO JEPARA Tuesday – 07:00
Thursday – 07:00
Sunday – 07:00

*Updated on 28/10/20

National Park – Do I have to pay a National Park fee?

As of October 2020, the National Park of Karimunjawa increased the price for travelers to enter Karimunjawa. At the harbor in Jepara, representatives of the national park will sell you the ticket that gives you access to the many places that the Karimunjawa National Park offers. Not only can you snorkel and dive with this ticket, but you can also explore the mountains during a hike, visit the turtle sanctuary and explore the mangrove forest. This way, we hope to maintain a green and clean Karimunjawa for the foreseeable future.

Online ticket – Why can’t you give me my ticket ahead?

We can’t send you electronic tickets as the Siginjai ticket system is still manual. You will receive the ferry tickets on the day of departure.

Passport – Why do we need your passport?

In order to book the slow boat ticket, our agency needs identification documents of all the travelers who want to take the boat to Karimunjawa. Passports for international travelers and KTP for Indonesian travelers. Without this, we can’t book the boat tickets due to the boat’s insurance policy for its passengers. After booking we need to receive your passports as soon as possible.

Payment – Why can’t I pay in cash?

Digital payment in advance is required to complete a booking. This is to prevent us from booking a ticket that will not be collected later by our guests. We work with direct bank transfers for Indonesian guests or for international guests with bookings on low demand or bookings far in advance. We use the TransferWise platform, to make a transfer for international guests affordable and last-minute bookings possible. A reliable and global platform with the lowest shipping costs and fastest service. TransferWise enables to send money from any valuta to IDR. Please click here for the instruction video. Cash payments are possible when you purchase your ticket at our office.

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