7,5 hours

Private beach day – 1 Islands, an ideal tour for couples, newly weds families and friends who just love to have a relaxing day. The price per person is depended on the group size. The more people the cheaper the price per person. Discount will be given automatically when adding more persons to your booking.

Just looking for some time to relax, but still want to see something of Karimunjawa? Enjoy a private beach day tour to 1 island. The boat will take you straight from Karimunjawa harbour to 1 of the islands of your choice. You can choose between Geleang island, Cemara Kecil island and Cemara besar island. You can mention the island of your choice in the comments of your booking. You will get snorkeling equipment which allows you to snorkel around from the coast of the island. The captain will be cooking/barbecuing a delicious lunch for you. With a private beach day – 1 island – you will have a relaxing day with your partner/friends/family.

The private beach day is suitable for group sizes up to 15 persons. The minimum group size is 2 persons. Perfect for families and friends who like to have a relaxing day out on an island. It is possible to request for time adjustments. This means when you wish to start later or end earlier we can change the schedule according to your wishes.

DEPARTURE LOCATION Meeting point Karimunjawa Package
DEPARTURE TIME Meeting at 9:30 AM
RETURN LOCATION Karimunjawa Village Harbour (near Town Square Karimunjawa)
RETURN TIME Around 17:00 PM
Private boat Lunch BBQ
Snorkeling Equipment Parking costs for 1 island
Lifejacket Ticket Karimunjawa village harbour
Snorkeling in open water. The beach day tour brings you straight to the island. There is snorkeling equipment included to snorkel around by yourself from the coast.
Underwater camera
Gratuity for the captain (not compulsory)
Sunscreen (high factor recommended)
> Simple clothing
To be polite to the inhabitants of Karimunjawa wear simple clothing to cover the body before and after the tour. Please don’t walk through the village in only swimwear.


Additional information

Main activityBeach day
Group size2 persons, 3 persons

9.30 AM – 17.00 PM: Beach Day - Cemara Kecil island

  • Walking from Meeting point Karimunjawa Package to Karimunjawa Village Harbour
  • Boat trip to the island of your choice
  • Free time on the island
  • Lunch at the island (around 12:30 PM)
  • Free time on the island
  • Boat trip back to Karimunjawa Village Harbour (around 16:15 PM)
  • Arrival back a Karimunjawa Village Harbour (around 17:00 PM)
Private beach day - Cemara Kecil island - 2-3 persons
Private beach day - Cemara Kecil island - 2-3 persons
Private beach day - Cemara Kecil island - 2-3 persons
Private beach day - Cemara Kecil island - 2-3 persons
Private beach day - Cemara Kecil island - 2-3 persons

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