Fast boat ticket one way

We will arrange your boat ticket from Jepara to Karimunjawa. In the morning of departure you will meet our representative in Jepara harbour. He will give you the fast boat tickets. After you can easily hop on the Bahari Express fast boat and start your journey to Karimunjawa. The price for the fast boat ticket includes our service fee.

DEPARTURE LOCATION Jepara harbour – Warung BU DIYAH (a restaurant in Jepara harbour)
DEPARTURE TIME FAST BOAT Meeting at 08:00 AM for fast boat departure at 09:00 AM
Meeting at 09:00 AM for fast boat departure at 10:00 AM
ARRIVAL TIME FAST BOAT Arrival in Karimunjawa at 11:00 AM for fast boat departure at 09:00 AM
Arrival in Karimunjawa at 12:00 PM for fast boat departure at 10:00 AM

With sending your booking request your booking is not yet 100% confirmed
Because the system of Bahari Express is still manual we can’t always have our availability up to date every second of the day. As soon as we know a boat is fully booked we will block this date within our tours/tickets. This takes time, as we have to do this tour by tour. Because of this it can be that you book something that is not available anymore. We ask you for your understanding for this. In this case we will contact you for alternative options. When the tickets are still available we will contact you within 48 hours for the full payment.

We need additional information from you
In order to book the fast boat tickets we will need a copy of the passports (or KTP for Indonesian) of all travelers. Without a copy of the passports (or KTP for Indonesians) we can’t book the boat tickets. After booking we hope to receive your passports as soon as possible. You can send them by email via Please mention the same name as you used during booking in the subject of your email so we can link your passports to the correct booking.

Fast boat tickets are still manual
We can’t send you electronic tickets as the Bahari Express ticket system is still manual. You will receive the fast boat tickets on the day of departure.

Tourist tax/Entrance ticket
The government of Jepara may ask for a small tourist tax / park entrance fee upon entering the boat. The amount of the tax depends on nationality (foreign or local) and lies between Rp. 5.000 en Rp. 25.000 per person. This tax is not included in the package price as we can’t buy these in the form of tickets upfront.

The availability amount is not the amount of tickets still available for the fast boat
We have a maximum of 50 tickets available per departure date. This is just to make sure we can handle the workload. Do you need more tickets than there are still available online? Please send us an e-mail.

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